Nigel Williams

70 rpm (in het Nederlands en het Engels)

The title of Nigel Williams's new stage show may seem cryptic, yet it speaks volumes.Nigel, a seasoned veteran in the industry, continues to operate at full throttle, precisely at '70 revolutions per minute'. His passion for his work is evident in the way he dedicates himself fully to each and every performance.

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Nigel Williams
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  • Basistarief: € 18,00
  • UiTPAS-houder: € 16,20
  • UiTPAS met kansentarief: € 3,60


GC de Kam
Beekstraat 172
1970 Wezembeek-Oppem

In '70 rpm', Nigel Williams invites you behind the scenes of his own mind, trying to figure out how the world, with its fast-paced ‘progress’, is driving us humans crazy. He offers you a glimpse into how he has had to adapt, or even reinvent himself, over the years to keep up with the evolution that is racing faster and faster towards... what?

Our age is more than just a number: it's a medley of opinions, biases, and nostalgic myths that complicate our process of reinvention. Nonetheless, it's a rich source of humour.

At 70, Nigel shows no signs of running out of things to say.

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