So Long My Son - film

The film tells the story of two families over about thirty years: Liu Yaojun, Wang Liyun and their son Liu Xing ('Xingxing') together with Shen Yingming, Li Haiyan and their son Shen Hao ('Haohao'). Haohao and Xingxing were born on the same day. Both families were originally close and worked in the same factory, but became estranged in the 1980s.

Following the death of Xingxing, who drowned while playing by a reservoir with Haohao and other children, Yaojun and Liyun moved to another provinceand adopted a 'new' boy (also nicknamed 'Xingxing') who later escape. Yingming and Haiyan made a fortune in real estate and Haohao became a doctor. When Haiyan is about to die, she invites Yaojun and Liyun to come back to their home town, which they hardly recognise after so much urban development. 

Director:  Xiaoshuai Wang

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Cast:  Wang Jingchun, Yong Mei, Ai Liya, Qi Xi, Wang Yuan, Du Jiang, Cheng Li

Dutch subtitles  – 175 min.

So Long My Son | film 2019 | Xiaoshuai Wang

SO LONG, MY SON traceert het leven van twee families gedurende drie decennia van sociale, politieke en menselijke onrust in China. Na het verlies van een kind bij een tragisch ongeval, scheiden hun... met Liya Ai, Jiang Du, Zhao-Yan Guo-Zhang.


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GC de Kam
Beekstraat 172
1970 Wezembeek-Oppem


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